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Officer Gallant's portrait was etched into a stone. In this photo the reflection of Officer Gallant's mother, Mrs. Gallant, was captured during a visit to the police department. Mrs. Gallant still keeps in touch with us. 

Patrolman Robert J. Gallant

May 11, 1959 - September 12, 1982

Patrolman Gallant was struck and killed by a drunk driver while at the scene of a domestic disturbance. He was interviewing the female participant and both of them had begun to walk back towards the house. As they did so Patrolman Gallant heard an approaching vehicle. He turned around in time to see that the vehicle was about to the strike them and he pushed the female out of harm's way. The vehicle struck Patrolman Gallant, causing fatal injuries. The driver of the vehicle was convicted of manslaughter.

Patrolman Gallant was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in saving the life of the woman and we now wear a number 4 on our patches in honor of Patrolman Gallant. He had only been with the agency for 11 months and was survived by his mother and father.

Patrolman Gallant's radio call number was 4. We've retired the number from our call numbers, and the number 4 on our patches is in his memory.

The Memorial

The memorial is located to the right of the main entrance and was completed in the summer of 2011. Time and labor were donated by George Murphy, Tony Dumont and Ben Jacques.    

Berwick Police Department