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Child Safety Seats

The Berwick Police Department proudly participates in the Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Program in cooperation with the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety (BHS). The purpose is to ensure children riding in motor vehicles are safely secured at all times and the child safety seats are properly installed.

If you are interested in meeting with an officer "technician" who can assist you with the proper installation of your child safety seat, please contact the Berwick Police Department to schedule an appointment. This appointment will last approximately 30-45 minutes. During the inspection the officer will ensure the caregiver fully understands the child safety seat they have purchased as well as the seat suits the child. The purpose of the inspection is to have the child safety seat properly installed with the assistance of the officer however, the officers goal is to ensure the caregiver can install the seat themselves each and every time.

Berwick Police Department Technician(s):

  • Officer Milton Fogg

Additional Information:

Commonly asked questions regarding the Maine law and child safety seats:

Title 29-A, sec 2081

Children Under 40 pounds

<40 lbs must be PROPERLY secured in child safety seat in accordance with manufacturers instructions. 

Passenger <18 years of age:

Child at least 40lbs but less than 80lbs and  <8 years of age must be properly secured in federally approved child restraint system.

At least 8 years and under 18, who is more than 4' 9" must be properly secured in seatbelt.

Child <12 years of age and weighs less than 100lbs is properly secured in the REAR seat of a vehicle (if possible).  What does this mean? If the child has not attained 12 years of age AND is under 100lbs, they cannot ride in the front seat of the vehicle. "IF possible?" 

For example, if you have a small sedan with two child safety seats in back seat and you have a third child that will not fit in back safely, the third child may sit in front seat as long as they meet the <12 and <100lbs.  Violation of this section example,  minivan with child who sits in front seat and there are seats available in back with ample space.

Violation: First Offense $85, Second $175, Third and subsequent offense $325.  Court cannot suspend fines as mandated by law.