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Camera Registry Program

The Berwick Police Department is asking for your help in keeping our community safe by your participation in our Camera Registry Program (CRP). This program allows police to leverage the resources of private cameras to resolve crimes and/or incidents. Because participation in a CRP is voluntary, as camera owners, you have the choice to provide footage on terms you are comfortable with.

The CRP allows you as residents and business owners to register the locations of your camera systems within the Town. When a crime or incident occurs, we will be able to identify the locations of nearby cameras and enlist your assistance and follow up on crimes or incidents.

Through the CRP, the police department will be able to directly contact CRP registrants, who may have video evidence in the area where an incident has occurred. We would ask CRP registrants to check their systems for a specific date and time for potential footage that might help the investigation, such as a vehicle or person of interest, direction of travel, etc. The resident or business owner can then notify us if they find anything of interest on their camera systems. We would then make arrangements to view and retrieve the footage.

The program is completely voluntary, and there is no charge associated. Your registration with the program does not give the police direct access to your camera system. You can also request to be removed from the program at any time. Your registration information will be confidential and will only be accessible by investigators from the Berwick Police Department.

For more information, contact Detectives Steven Shisler or Brendan Reil at (207 698-1567).

To register, click here.

Help for Seniors

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