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Non Emergency

"We Serve Because We Care"



In order to provide the best service possible to the citizens of Berwick, we have
developed this survey. We would like to get input into your perceptions as to how the
Police Department is doing and what could be done to serve you better. Your observations
and opinions are important to us.  Please click on each link to take two short surveys.

Neighborhood Watch:

The following link provides a checklist for starting a neighborhood watch program. If you would like more information on neighborhood watch please contact the Police Department.

Neighborhood Watch Checklist


Keep your home and personal property safe! Please review the following information for helpful tips and considerations.

Home Burglary Information
Burglary Prevention
Property Inventory
Home Security Checklist
Apartment Security Checklist

Miscellaneous Information

Maine Crash Locator

Student Intervention Reintegration Program