Non Emergency

Berwick Police Department

Officers and Staff


Chief of Police

Timothy Towne: Serving since 1993                chief@berwickpd.org


Jerry Locke: Serving since 1988                      captain@berwickpd.org

Patrol Sergeant

Jeffrey Pilkington: Serving since 1996             j.pilkington@berwickpd.org

Steven Shisler: Serving since 2012                 s.shisler@berwickpd.org


Bill Vachon: Serving since 2016                      w.vachon@berwickpd.org


Milton Fogg (SRO): Serving since 2004           m.fogg@berwickpd.org

Eli Poore: Serving since 2008                         e.poore@berwickpd.org

Michael Howie: Serving since 2011                 m.howie@berwickpd.org

Nicholas Higgins: Serving since 2014              n.higgins@berwickpd.org

Kevin Ledoux: Serving since 2014                   k.ledoux@berwickpd.org

Christopher Kearns: Serving since 2016          c.kearns@berwickpd.org

Brendan Reil:  Serving since 2018                   b.reil@berwickpd.org

Reserve Patrolman

Jim Baccon: Serving since 2016                      j.baccon@berwickpd.org

Ron Lund: Serving since 2014                        r.lund@berwickpd.org

Rod Beaulieu: Serving since 2016                  r.beaulieu@berwickpd.org

Melanie Locke: Serving since 2016                m.locke@berwickpd.org

Administrative Assistant

Denise Dunn: Serving since 1997                    d.dunn@berwickpd.org

Animal Control Officer‚Äč

Carol Harris                                                       berwickaco@berwickpd.org